Friday, October 31, 2008

Caring for the enfeebled

Shelly had surgery on Monday. Nothing life-threatening, and she's doing fine, though still a little slow, unsteady, and easily tired. Perfectly normal for post-surgery.

It was supposed to be day surgery, where she'd go home on Monday afternoon, but you can't go home after surgery until you've voided your bladder, and hers wasn't playing along. So we slept in the hospital that night. It wasn't real comfortable, but I'm pretty sure she was more uncomfortable than I was. And I had to hold her hand through several undignified procedures on Tuesday before things were good enough for her to be released.

It was a happy evening, Tuesday, being at home.

Wednesday, I worked a few hours on our side of town. Thursday, I took her in to her office for a wellness screening (irony!) that couldn't be postponed, took her back home, and went to my normal office. Today, I'm working on my side of town, which is usual for Fridays.

She's making fairly steady progress at being more mobile and going longer between needing to rest. Meanwhile, I'm handling most domestic issues (which, again, is not to say that I want to change places with her). Well, the ones that are being done. Which is to day that the place is something of a wreck. But we're both eating, sleeping, and taking care of personal hygiene, so it's not too bad.

She told me I've done a good job taking care of her, so I'm pretty happy.

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