Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Growing Old Together

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary. (Yes, it's the day after my birthday. Makes it easy to remember.)

I used to kiss frogs. I didn't do it in hopes that I'd find a princess, I just did it because I liked frogs. Eventually, I did find my princess, and I haven't kissed any frogs since. I don't know whether there's a lesson in there, but if there is, maybe it's: if you're going to kiss somebody, do it because of who they are, not who you hope they'll be.

Also, be nice to frogs.

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The Mojo Bison said...

It helps when you can actually be friends with the person in question. Yours like to hang in the garden with you. Mine can back up a trailer like no one's business while I guide the boat. Bluntly, mere "lovers" cannot do those things, not over long periods of time.

(irony: the word verification for this comment is "yesure" and I kid you not)