Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another audition

Well, the audition at Rice didn't work out. They wanted a maniacal, bombastic madman, and I don't have one of those in me. Not that I'm not evil, I'm just not loud.

But I have another audition this weekend, so that's something to look forward to, rather than moping about the part I couldn't get...I'll mope later, when I don't get this part. No, really, I'll try not to mope. The odds are usually against you at an audition, and I understand that (I do wish that they would let me know when I don't get a part, though — Update: just got the "thank you but" email.). And this would be a paying gig, which makes it even more competitive.

But it looks to be a pretty neat two-man show. The Broadway version closed down after one weekend, but I consider that a plus. I specialize in unsuccessful shows. Most of my early roles were in such shows.

You can hear a couple of the songs from the show at the show's website. Quite charming. And one of the characters was played by Malcolm Gets, who played Richard on Caroline in the City. We used to watch that show. We liked Richard. So that's a sign, right?

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