Thursday, October 21, 2010

70 pushups!

I've been doing my push-ups* in sets: 20 push-ups, hop up, rest 10 seconds, down and do 20 more, etc., for a total of 80 push-ups (my third rest period is 15 or 20 seconds). I think I've done them that way for two weeks now. The hope is, of course, that it will increase the number I can do all in a row.

This morning, I did a progress test, and there was definite improvement. There's always some variability in how many I can do, so it might range from 63 to 67, but today I did 70. I have never, ever, done 70 at a stretch. So yay. I'll keep doing the sets, and probably slowly increase the number per set.

* hyphen in the title, but hyphen here. There doesn't seem to be a consistent version in Google.