Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Killing Zombies

I like the games at Toge Productions, possibly partly because they've got a lot of zombies. In some, you create zombies; in others, you kill them. They made two games called "Days 2 Die", which are nice for being able to play a few minutes at a time. Take a break from whatever, and kill some zombies for a while.

The second of the "Days 2 Die" has a story mode that makes for a good game. It also has a "survival" mode that's more like the first game. I have used walkthroughs for other games, but I haven't seen a walkthrough for survival mode Days 2 Die: The Other Side, so I'm writing one.

I'm not a very good gamer, so if I can do this, pretty much anybody can.


Day 1

Buy: absolutely nothing in the shop. You have plenty of ammo, and your pea-shooter will do for now.
Barricades: set up two tables, horizontally end-to-end. You're going to stand on top of them, in the middle: move out to the side of one table, press "Start", and jump up on the table top and start shooting, before you even see zombies. Hold down the "E" key the whole time, which will repair your tables as you go. Your objective is to keep the zombies from destroying your tables as long as you can. Shooting them in the head kills them faster.

If they take them out, try to jump over zombies as they approach and keep away from them. Dodging zombies is not what you want to be doing, but you can do some of it in the first few days. After that, they'll kill you more or less instantly. Holding down the "E" key while on top of both tables, and shooting pretty well should leave your tables intact.

Day 2 + 3

Buy: nothing in the shop. If your tables are damaged, you can click the bulldozer in the barricates section and  click the tables to trade them in, then buy new ones. But they should be ok.

Exactly like Day 1, but it will be tougher. You might lose your tables and have to dodge. Good luck. Remember to hold the "E" key.

Day 4

Buy: the Desert Eagle .357 magnum. It's a much better gun. A single head shot is usually enough to kill a zombie. Remember to buy ammo! Get 200 or more rounds for it.
Barricades: Trade in your damaged table(s) and get two fresh ones.

Empty Building

Day 1

Buy: more .357 ammo. You want to have at least 200 rounds.
Barricades: None! There is a trick on this level. At setup time, go all the way to the left, where there is a pile of rubble. Jump onto the pile of rubble. The zombies cannot hit you here. Just make sure you're as far left as you can go, behind the sawhorse.

Stand there and shoot all the zombies. Goodies will pile up amusingly in front of you. It there's a lull in the zombies and you feel lucky, you can jump down to grab them, and jump back up.

Day 2

Just like Day 1, but you probably won't have a lull in the zombies. Save your money so you can buy a nice gun.

Day 3

Buy: the G36C machine gun, and 500 rounds of 5.56 ammo. Fun time! Be sure to equip it as your primary gun, and the .357 as your secondary.

Day 4

Buy: ammo so you have 500 rounds of 5.56. Fire away.

You will now be cleared to advance to the Back Alley, but you don't have to go there yet. You can choose the Empty Building again, and build up your savings. Or you can try going on.

Back Alley

Day 1

Buy: ammo, of course. Also, 3 grenades. Remember to equip the grenades as your Explosive weapon.
Barricades: Buy a stone wall, and place it horizontal, to your left. You're going to be near the extreme right of the play area. The door there does not spawn zombies.

Be sure to stand right up against the wall and keep holding the "E" key down while you shoot. If things get hairy, press "4" to choose your grenade and click to throw it, then choose "1" to go back to your gun. Sometimes grenades can blast zombies up onto your barricade. That's not good! So avoid using them if you can.

Day 2

Buy: restock your ammo and grenades.
Barricades: Two stone walls, horizontal, just like the coffee tables from the Streets. The zombies will get through one, but the second should hold out pretty well. You may find yourself having to dodge near the end.

Day 3

Buy: restock your ammo and grenades, then hire Louis the Merc.
Barricades: Two stone walls, horizontal as before, but leave a space between them where you can stand, but not big enough for Louis to follow.

Position yourself to the right of the barricades. Press Start, then jump onto the right barricade and walk to your space between them. Hold the "E" key down to make your barricade last as long as possible. When the zombies breach it, you'll hop over the second barricade and try to defend it. With Louis helping, you may find that the barricades are a lot easier to defend.

Day 4

Just like Day 3.

If you want to get high scores, at this point, you will re-play Empty Building and/or Back Alley. I don't have any strategies for getting past Burning Building.

While you're accumulating cash, you can buy some neat stuff. I really like the GLM32 High Explosive gun, which is 15000. If there's a horde mobbing your wall, you can clear them out with a couple rounds from this. And the Barret M82 sniper rifle is cool, because it shoots through zombies. You can shoot several at once, which is pretty handy when those axe-throwing zombies appear.