Monday, December 14, 2009

Swing and a miss

I had an audition at Masquerade Theatre last week. It went well. As I went in, I recognized the accompanist. That seemed to be a good sign. We talked a bit, he went over the music, and then the director came in. I sang for him. He complimented me on my timbre. We talked about my availability and he asked me about when I played the Music Man and who directed.

He said they'd be calling either Thursday or Friday. Nope.

Why don't they ever call?

I have a theory that he did a little digging and found the lackluster review of my Music Man performance. That made me think I should note in my resume that I was an emergency substitution in that role. So that at least gives me something to do.

Oh, I didn't get the part at Theater LaB Houston, either. But we did go see the show, and it was very good. Not as good as it would have been with me in it, of course, but...

And Bach performances are over for the year. Next one up is February 7.

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